Monday, May 20, 2013

Storing Seasonal Clothes with EO Sachets

I have a lot of clothes! I attribute this to the fact that I seem to always live in climates where the seasons regularly change. There is always winter and summer and generally some lovely weather in between that never seems to last long enough.

Depending on the season, I store my "off season" clothes in a plastic tub in the garage, an idea I got from my mom who does the same thing. Lately, NorCal has suddenly gotten hot.  Time to get out my summer clothes. (As you can see from the picture, I haven't quite unpacked it yet.)

In order to put my summer clothes in my closet (and drawers), I will be putting my winter clothes back in the tub. I use to put dryer sheets in the tub to help them stay smelling fresh, but I am not using dryer sheets these days. Brainstorm session...

I have some lovely dried lavender sachets in my underthings drawer. I've read about putting essential oils on cotton balls...
Let's make a sachet using cotton balls dotted with EOs!!

Quick & Easy version: 

  • Get an organza bag or any small bag with a drawstring that's breathable so the air and scent can mix.
  • Grab enough cotton balls to allow for air circulation but to fill the bag.
  • Add a drop of EO to each cotton ball.
  • Put the cotton balls in the bag, pull the drawstring and toss it in with your clothes.   

Crafty version: 

  • Sew a small sachet using fabric scraps. Sew three sides together.
  • Add your scented cotton balls.
  • Use a string to tie the top or hand stitch the top closed.

Frugal/Upcycle version:

  • Use an old (cute) sock that lost its mate, add the cotton balls and tie the top with a ribbon. 

**Linked up on Homestead Barn Hop #125**