Monday, August 12, 2013

The Essential Oil Gym Bag

For the first time in my life, I joined a gym. Although, when I was in college, I took step and weight classes...but that's not the same, because they were for credit. 

Like most people, I have struggled with my weight and the idea of looking and feeling a certain way. Three years ago, I got the motivation to make a life change. I refused to say that I was going on a diet. Instead, I told everyone the change was my "healthy living concept." Eating better and working out.  So, for the past three years I have been working out 6 days a week for 20-25 minutes a day at home on the elliptical or doing aerobic videos (I'm a Denise Austin fanatic). 

Recently my "healthy living concept" needed a jump start - so my friend Victoria encouraged me (for months) to join the gym. She teaches step aerobics and attends Zumba classes. To start August off right, I finally joined. 

After my first class, I realized I need to get my gym bag set up.  

Peppermint Cooling Spray:
This is just a few drops of peppermint EO in a 2 oz spray bottle of witch hazel. It's great for cooling down when you're over heated. 

Disinfectant Spray: 
You can use a few drops of any EO with disinfecting properties. I chose a protective blend, a splash of vodka (as an emulsifier - you can use rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or nothing), and fill with water. I used a 2 oz spray bottle. 
I use this to spray my yoga mat and weights before I start class. 

Muscle Salve: 
These workouts are tough! My abs hurt, muscles I don't remember having are crying out. {Click here} for a recipe for a muscle salve that REALLY works. 

Okay this seems like a no brainer, but I almost left the house without it. I use a metal Klean Kanteen bottle. 

No More Stinky Feet Spray:
This idea comes from Dawn at The Gray Area, {click here} to visit her blog. Her recipe uses 10 drops of Purity* in a 2 oz spray bottle, topped off with witch hazel. Spray inside your shoes - boy do I need this!
*This is a proprietary blend, it contains lemon, lime, pine, citronella, tea tree and cilantro - you could experiment with your own blend using some or all those EOs.

What is your own gym bag that I should add to mine? 

This post has been updated to reflect new information I have learned - you may find things omitted that were previously there. In recipes, I have crossed out the old amount and added the new. 10/2013

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