Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank a Vet

It's Veterans Day! 

Veterans Day has always been a special holiday for KB and I, as there are many of our loved ones (family & friends) who have taken the time to serve or are currently serving our country. Because of this, I am always looking for real, practical ways to show my appreciation and support for our veterans and those on active duty. There are a lot of websites and groups dedicated to doing good work for them, but it can be overwhelming for me to decide what is good and what I have time and resources to do. I asked aroundand got these ideas to share with you. 

Send a package! Check out This site is dedicated to helping you send a package to a service member. You can choose any branch of the military. A friend suggested picking someone with a zip code close to yours to help save on shipping costs. There is so much information on this site, that you are sure to find someone to send something special to. I've been told this is a well trusted and well run site - which is always good to know!

Send cards this holiday season. You already have them out, send a few to say thank you. The deadline for sending cards to this PO Box is December 6th. For more details, visit Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes, it has guidelines and a section for using social media. My friend Chan made the above graphic to share on Facebook, feel free to save it and share on your social network pages. 

If you live near a VA hospital or military base, check in with them to see if there are opportunities to be of service. You never know if what they need is just what you have to offer.

And this last bit of advice from our cousin, currently serving in the Army:
"Fly a flag and I mean the Good Ol' Red White and Blue, thank a vet (especially Vietnam and even welcome them home because they never got a good one), pray for our Military Men and Women and their families, just remember that the blanket of freedom we sleep under was provided by a lot of brave people that no longer get to enjoy it."
Thanks to all those who have served and are still serving! You are appreciated!

Thanks to Bonnie, Susan, JB, and Chan for helping with this post.