Monday, May 11, 2015

The Creative Art of Listing & Instagram

Two of my favorite things are making lists and Instagram. So imagine my delight when I discovered there is a HUGE community on Instagram of people who enjoy making lists...Just like me! Yay! 

I discovered this through one of my favorite Etsy shops - I Love It All - and the owner, Monika. I started following her on Instagram last year (you can find her HERE) and discovered so many other "listers". I didn't even know this was a thing! 
First off, I joined the March 30 Day of Lists Challenge - search Instagram #30Lists to see all the brilliantly creative lists. This is a $10 twice a year group that gives you a list prompt each day for 30 days (March and September). By signing up, you get discount codes to awesome shops, a private Facebook group and entry into the private blog. It was totally worth the $10 to get my creative juices flowing and be inspired by the amazing people participating. You can find out more HERE and join me in September when the next set of lists comes out. 

By participating in #30Lists (that's the short hand for the above challenge), I found so many more listers and planners. These two communities come together on Instagram for some seriously inspiring creative listing. I decided to follow many of these crafty listing ladies on Instagram. 

One of the ladies I followed is The Reset Girl (her shop, her Instagram). She loved all the listing so much, she created her own version of free monthly prompts. You can access her lists HERE. Her project is called Listers Gotta List and you can find the inspiring posts with #listersgottalist on Instagram. If you're new to listing in a creative way - really there's NO wrong way to do this - Corey The Reset Girl offers YouTube videos to show you how she crafts her lists.  

I have found great support in this new-to-me Instagram community and I think many of you will too. Check it out and give my public Instagram account a follow for all my crafty lists and projects: @CraftyMue. Here's some other awesome listers and otherwise crafty people to follow: 

My thoughts on Instagram: Have you not jumped on board yet? I was reluctant for a long time to join Instagram, feeling like it was just another thing like Facebook. For me Instagram is now my favorite (well, it's tied with Twitter) social media platform. There's awesome communities and so many beautiful photos out there. I encourage you to give it a try, I think  you'll love it!

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