Monday, October 28, 2013

Lotion Bars: Lotion To-Go

The first time I saw lotion bars I thought it was an ingenious idea! Lotion on the go! Nothing to spill! Great for traveling! Easy to make! Okay, enough exclamation get the idea that I really love this concept and I think you will too.

In the last year, I've made my fair share of these little gems. I keep a stock pile of them around for my travel bag,  and have made some to share as gifts. I love them for dry trouble spots - they're great for rubbing the awesome lotion power into elbows, heels, knuckles and dry patches on your skin. 

I got my recipe from Katie at Wellness Mama in a post she wrote for Health Impact News Daily, {click here} to read the post. She has great ideas for personalizing them by adding different essential oils and other products.

Coconut Lotion Bars

What you need: 
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup shea butter
2/3 cup beeswax pastilles
essential oils (optional)

What to do:
Place a glass jar in a saucepan with water, preheat until it's warm enough to melt your ingredients. Add the coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax to the jar, stir occasionally, until melted.

When it's all melted, removed from the water bath, add your essential oils (optional) and stir. Pour mixture into silicone molds or muffin tins with muffin cup liners. Let harden several hours or overnight (preferable). Pop them out once hard and they're ready to use. Store in a storage bag or container.

Optional essential oils: I split my batch into two 4 oz and did a 1% dilution (20 drops). I did a combination of 10 drops ylang ylang and 10 drops lavender for a great bedtime bar. I also did a sandalwood lotion bar, using 20 drops of Hawaiian Sandalwood; this would be a great every day lotion for both men and women. The possibilities are endless, if it's safe to put on your skin and you like the smell, give it a try (avoid citrus EOs due to photosensitizing).

To Use: 
Rub the lotion bar over your body like you would a bar of soap. The heat of your body will melt the outer layer onto your skin. Like applying lotion, leave on your skin and it will absorb in a few minutes. 

Giving as a gift?:
Package in small plastic gift bags or wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon; if you're giving several, stack them in a canning jar. Remember to include a cute tag with instructions on how to use them; I wasn't sure when I got my first one and have seen several blank stares when I've given them as gifts.
I made this one, you can download it {here}. 

As an added bonus, they are inexpensive to make*: 

*These prices are approximations based on the cost per item when I purchased them. It should be noted that prices fluctuate. All three items were purchased on Amazon.