Monday, October 21, 2013

What is a Nasal Inhaler?

A nasal inhaler - hmm. I have heard of these over the last year that I have been exploring the world of essential oils. I never looked into exactly what they were because it sounded odd, like something complex I wouldn't be interested in. 

Then I took this *free* intro class (click here) from Aromahead Institute. Now I can't wait to make a few.

So what is a nasal inhaler? It's a small plastic tube, with a cotton insert inside - it reminds me of those old school candy lip sticks I had as a kid. It is a four piece "kit" - a cotton insert, a plastic tube, a plug to keep the cotton insert inside and an outer protective shield that screws on. They're also called "aromasticks." I found them here at Aromatics International in all sorts of colors. 

Here's what you do: 

Start by creating your EO blend in a small bowl. You will want to use approximately 15 drops of essential oils total (example: if you use a blend of three, add 5 of each EO).
The cotton insert needs to soak up this mixture, so roll it around the small bowl.
Then assemble to tube - put the cotton insert back into the plastic tube, put the plug in, it also had a screw on protective shield that slides over it.
To use it, put it up to, but not in, one nostril while slightly pressing the other closed and inhale slowly.
To rejuvenate your nasal inhaler, just add more essential oils every three months or as needed - yes, every three to six months is as often as you'll need to refill it, according to several sources. 

Do you need to see a visual demonstration of those instructions? Here's a video that Andrea from Aromahead Institute made creating a respiratory inhaler:

These nasal inhalers are great for respiratory blends when you're got a cold or the flu. It is also great from traveling - you can throw these in your purse and not worry about TSA regulations or bottles spilling. I think I will keep on hand ones for illness - colds and nasuea, plus anti-stress and relaxation. 

If you need some ideas on specific blends for your inhaler, visit this link to Aromatics International's four inhaler recipes. There are blends for emotional health, as well as immune health.

What blends are you going to use in your nasal inhalers?