Monday, January 13, 2014


I just love the clean slate that a new year brings. The calender is empty and the possibilities seem endless. There are 365 days to do something to make the world better, be happier, be nicer and do the things that always get put off for another time. We're already two weeks in to 2014...time to get to work on my goals for this year!

A few years ago, I stopped making the preverbial New Year's resolutions and, instead, opted to start making New Year's goals. I wanted more than just a promise to start doing something good or different in the short term. A long range "goal" is what seemed appropriate for me...something to set my sights on for the remainder of the year.

Did you know? That 25% of the public abandon their New Years resolutions within one week and 60% within six months.*

Yikes! Those are some devastating statistics. With that in mind, I started to write down my New Year's goals. The secret to accomplishing your goal(s) is to write them down. Clarifying what you want and giving yourself a deadline pushes you to tackle your goals and track your progress throughout the year. 

What are your goals for this year? Have you written them down and given yourself a time line to help keep you motivated? 

Not sure where to start? How about making a list of three things you'd like to accomplish - perhaps things that you want to do, craft, read or learn.  My list of goals are outlined below: 

2014 Goals:
  • Read more books, watch tv less. Read more classics, don't be intimated by the thick books, numbers aren't everything
  • Find a volunteer opportunity that interests me
  • Craft more. Make the projects that I often think about. Don't just "think" about them, actually "do" them.
  • Use less plastic
  • Learn more about essential oils to expand and grow my blog
Now that I've share my goals with you, I feel even more pressured to get them accomplished. Fantastic! To help you maintain responsibility and stay on track with your goals, consider sharing them with friends or family to help keep you accountable. 

Here's a printable to help with the first step - writing them down. {Click here} to download, without the watermark.

Good luck with your goals. Feel free to share them with us in the comments section, we'd love to cheer you on. 

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