Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall is My Favorite {Printable}

Fall is my favorite season. The colors, the leaves falling, the cooler temps, pumpkins, football...well, pretty much everything about it. I wanted to make a printable to include as part of my fall decor (besides Christmas, it's the only time I really decorate the house). I knew if I wanted one, you probably did too. 

So here's my fall printable for all of us, in two choices. If you download them from the link below the picture, they are watermark free. Print out on a piece of 8x10 card stock and display with your fall decor. Love it!

Click for "fall orange"

Click for "fall dark"

Thanks to my friends and family who answered my call for six words that instantly popped into their head when they heard fall. The bigger the word in the prints, the more times it was mentioned. 

Source: Word Clouds: