Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentine's Day Crafts

It's February! The month of love - and snow and freezing temperatures.  Just this week was the 200th anniversary for Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, my personal favorite romance - besides my own, of course. I celebrated by watching the six hour BBC Colin Firth movie. Yay!

Love is in the air and I love decorating my house.  I seem to have Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas covered but lack decorations for the other nine months of the year. I'm going to fix that!

Here are some easy projects for putting a little Valentine's love in your life, or at least in your house.

Wreaths on the Cheap
I headed to my local Dollar Tree and grabbed a few pre-made wreaths, plastic flowers, some tinsel with hearts and my glue gun. Accessorize!!

 Valentine Cards

My real crafting
passion is making cards. Here are a few  I made using Stampin' Up supplies as well as my personal stock pile of supplies.

Felt Hearts
Stitch two hearts together (ah, how perfect and romantic does that sound?!), then hand stitched them with embroidery floss. You can stuff these with a cotton ball (scented with a drop of cinnamon essential oil!) for a dimensional look. Then, make a chain by running a stitch through the back of each with a long piece of embroidery floss. Sweet C's Designs blog post gave me this fun idea. 

What things are you doing for Valentine's decorations? 
I love to get new ideas. Happy Crafting.

May lots of LOVE surround you.
You deserve it, you're awesome!