Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Wreath - Flip Flops in the Grass

This is the year of the wreath at my house. Aside from Christmas wreaths, I've never had one for any other holiday. This year is different, I've made one for each season. I saw an idea for this a few years ago on a friend's door. This is my attempt to duplicate it. There are also many detailed instructions for similar wreathes on Pinterest

Here's a short and easy tutorial on how to make this 
Summer Flip Flops in the Grass wreath.

Everything was purchased at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores
you can find them online {here}. 

12 inch green foam ring
2 skeins (aka package) Lion Brand Fun Fur in lime
xs pair flip flops
wooden shapes as desired 
devices to attach accessories (I used long pins and Velcro tabs)

Start by wrapping the fun fur around the wreath frame. When you first start, stick the fun fur tail under what you wrap around. 

I found it easiest to do several loops at a time, spread out, then push them all back toward the "pile" of fun fur (in the above picture, toward my body). This prevented the fringe from getting stuck under itself. I held it with my feet as I went around.

I used a scrap of yellow polka dot ribbon for my hanger and used two long pearl pins to attach it to the foam wreath - do this on the back side.

I attached the flip flops to the foam wreath with long pearl push pins. One on each side of the flip flop. It took several tries to get a firm attachment.

 Here's the finished product, hanging on my front door. I love the whimsical look of this. It definitely says summer!

You can do a lot of different embellishments with this wreath design. The fun fur is what gives the wreath the grass look. I originally intended to use wooden flip flops but couldn't find any, and as you can see I choose to leave out the cute ladybug from the picture of supplies I took. Get creative!