Monday, September 2, 2013

Getting Back to School with Essential Oils

I love back to school time. Pencils, blank notebooks, ruled paper, paste....ah, the memories. While I haven't been in school in over a decade and we (the hubs and I) aren't sending any wee ones off to school, I know many of you are getting ready to or have already started the school supply preparations. In further preparation, I wanted to provide ways essential oils can fit into your back to school needs. I searched high and low - online and through my blogger friends' posts - to find you some great resources for getting back to school with essential oils

Here's what I found:

Kolette at Weekly Essentials {click here} shares her back to school routine - she even provides a back to school checklist for essential oils! 

Camp Wander {click here} tells us about getting into the routine of using essential oils. 

Dori from Riches to Rags {click here} talks about getting back to school with ADHD and Jeddy's Blend. 

Jennifer Lambert {click here} has a great list of all the oils she uses for keeping germs at bay and helping with energy levels and attention spans. 

doTERRA Living Magazine {click here} from Fall 2012 has a great back to school section. 

The GRAY Area {click here} gives her recipes for Germs Aside and Sonshine Hand Sanitizer.

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, 
learning-filled school year. 

*Photo from The GRAY Area used with permission.