Monday, February 10, 2014

Smells like Love: A Book Review of "Scents & Scentuality"

As we enter the week of Valentine's Day, it is quite common to start pondering that age old am I going to make this Valentine's Day special? This year, I am prepared with the knowledge I just learned by reading Valerie Ann Worwood's book, Scents & Scentuality: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Romance, Love and Sex. This book is packed with information on using essential oils to enhance your sex life. Sounds risque, right?! But it isn't! The book covers several topics and includes one such as making yourself feel more confident, and helping with reproductive problems and in both men and women. You will even find detailed drawings and directions on how to massage each other to strengthen your connection to each other. 

This book is filled with amazing information that can help your relationship blossom! In the book, you can find three ways to select essential oils that may benefit you: 1) number-affinity, 2) body type and 3) hair color for both you and your lover. There is great information about synergistic blends and how to make them. You will find many massage blends and bath formulas for both men and women, as well as a section on room fragrances
"Essential oils are like love - you'll know the real thing when it comes along." - Valerie Ann Worwood
One of the main themes in this book is creating a scent that will be specific to you. A scent that your lover will forever smell and think of you. Pick a scent you both love and use it frequently, as perfume and as a room spray. You can also create blends, or use one of her formulas, that compliment each other and work in harmony with each other. For example, based on the above mentioned ways to select oils, one of KB's is lemon and one of mine is lime, these two are in citrus harmony. 

Another great idea that she shared is one that I have read before and would be very romantic. Worwood talks about a friend who surprised his lover with a bed full of rose petals...and the ensuing mess. She recommends a cleaner version with essential oils. Pick up some silk rose petals at the store, put them in a box and add a cotton ball or tissue with a few drops of essential oils, shake and let sit. Rose essential oil would be perfect, but other floral scents or one that personal to you and your lover would also be great. You can then lay the rose petals out on the bed or to lead you to a room. 

How about adding essential oils to the your lingerie and/or bed linens? You can do this by adding 3-6 drops to the softener section in the washer. 

Does your partner or spouse travel for work? Consider adding a cotton ball with a drop of a blend that will fill your lover with memories of you to the suitcase
"If you love yourself enough to allow the oils to give you their special love, even more love will be attracted to you - the Scentuous woman." - Valerie Ann Worwood
This is not a beginner book but if you're interested in expanding your essential oil knowledge to Romance, Love and Sex, consider picking up this book. {HERE}

Sources: Worwood, Valarie Ann. (1999). Scents And Scentuality: Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for Romance, Love and Sex. Novato, CA: New World Library.

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