Monday, February 2, 2015

Easy DIY - Foaming Hand Soap

Are you looking for an easy DIY project? Then making foaming hand soap is the project for you! Not only is this project easy, but it will also save you money. With both of those things, you really can't get it wrong.

Basic Foaming Hand Soap
In a foaming hand soap bottle 
Fill 2/3 with water
Top with castile soap*
Add essential oils**

That's it!

* I prefer to use the non scented castile soap (like THIS). I recently got a deal on peppermint castile soap, I find it a bit over powering but couldn't pass up a deal!

** My foaming hand soap bottles are about 10 oz and I only add about 10-15 drops of essential oil. Always double check the dilution chart HERE.

Now to personalize your soap with essential oils. 

Right now, I am loving spearmint added to the peppermint castile soap, I find it helps to balance it out and gives a refreshingly cool scent for winter. 

Protective blends (every company has a different name) are lovely used in small amounts, it can burn. Some people say it smells like sunshine.

With the peppermint castile soap, I really love using lavender or wild orange. The smell is great and it gives me a pick me up. You could even use both for another fragrant combination. 

Lemon is a favorite in the kitchen. I love the fresh clean scent. 

Krysta thinks frankincense and bergamot make a nice musk scented soap.  It's a nice one for men, but she enjoys the smell too.

You can also add a squirt of glycerin and a drop or two of vitamin E oil for soft skin. 

Hit the comments and tell your favorite ways to personalize your foaming hand soap.

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