Monday, April 15, 2013

The Salve that Solves it ALL

Yes, I still own some VHS tapes.
Have you ever watched the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? If  you have, you may remember that the father of the bride felt that Windex© was the fix for everything - You have a pimple? Just spray some Windex on it. 

Now, I don't have any Windex© nor have I purchased any that I can recall. What I do have is Windex© alternatives. My point is, that we all need a fix for everything. Obviously, I don't think ANYthing really will fix EVERYthing. But boy, do I wish it could. I digress. Back to alternatives. The other day I was watching this movie and thinking to myself, "I have something like that." A solution to a problem. Pimple? Put some salve on it. Dry skin? Put some salve on it. Cold sore? Put some salve on it. Burn my finger?...Well, you get the idea!

If you do a Google search for DIY lotion or salve, you'll get an endless amount of hits. I've looked at A LOT of them and can report that most recipes are essentially the same. I give credit for my discovery and recipe to Camp Wander; I also like this one from Sustain, Create and Flow.

All-Purpose (a.k.a the Fix Almost Everything) Salve
What you'll need:

  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 4.5 Tablespoons beeswax pastilles
  • 40 drops lavender, 20 drops lemon, 20 drops melaleuca (tea tree)**
  • Glass jars (such as 4 oz mason jars)

What to do:
Melt coconut oil, olive oil and beeswax in a glass jar in a warm water bath. Stir occasionally. When it's all melted, remove from heat. Add EO. Stir and pour into glass jars. Let cool. Wait until the salve is completely cool to put the lid(s) on.
This recipe will make four 40z jars.

**Essential oil options: There are so many blends that the possibilities are endless. To change the blend, subtract the lavender/lemon/melaleua mentioned above, instead try one of these: 
  • Muscle Salve {click here} with 60 drops muscle relaxing blend and 20 drops frankincense [this one you might want to half the recipe to use less EO]. 
  • For an eczema cream, a few drops of rosemary (and throw in some extra fine ground up oats).


Here's a fun idea I found at Dancing in a Field of Tansy {click here}. I love that she made little to-go packs of salve for hiking, traveling or to stash around the house. Her blog showcases step-by-step directions (with pictures!) on how to create these little packets.

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