Monday, September 8, 2014

UPDATE: Salve that Solves it All

Previously, I wrote a post titled The Salve that Solves it ALL {HERE}. I love my salve and although it does solve a lot of problems (dry skin, healing scraps, etc), I thought it was time for a little UPDATE to this recipe.

I have been a blogger for over a year and a half. Wow! Can you believe that? Time sure does fly. Throughout my time as a blogger, I have spent countless hours reading and researching the products I have promoted. I have done this in order to provide good information for you, my readers. Do you know what I have learned throughout this process? That the secret to the salves awesome problem solving powers is the salve itself! The oils you use, and even the beeswax, are what make this a powerhouse for your skin!

Basic Salve Recipe
8 oz (or  1 cup) oil*
1 oz (or 2 T) beeswax (I use pastilles)

In a warm water bath, melt the oils and beeswax. Remove from heat. Add any essential oils. Pour into containers (like glass canning jars). 

*I love coconut oil (see my top uses HERE) - I like that it has germ fighting powers and the feel of it. For this recipe, I do half coconut oil and half olive oil. For the olive oil, try using an infused oil (HERE  and HERE are directions on how to infuse oil with herbs). 

I have been making my all purpose salve with lavender essential oils (and some times a few drops of frankincense). To determine how much to add, check out my dilution post HERE. I have some lavender infused almond oil Krysta sent me that would also be a wonderful addition to my next batch. 

Tell me...what are your favorite add ins for all-purpose salve?

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