Monday, June 30, 2014

DIY Dandelion Salve Bars

One afternoon as I was thinking about making potions, I had an idea to turn dandelion salve into lotion bars. I thought it was an original idea but decided to check my "why buy when you can..." Pinterest board, where I found that my original idea was already taken. Ha! I should have known. The Nerdy Farm Wife is brilliant and one of my favorite blogs. 

Why dandelion? It is great for sore muscles and super dry skin. It really works. Plus, they're readily available throughout the summer for FREE! I like free. I wanted to share my favorite formula for Dandelion Salve Bars with you. I love it!

To start, you need to make a dandelion infused oil. You can get the directions HERE. It's easy! I use the long method, letting them sit in the sun for weeks and weeks. The neighbor asked, "What is that yellow stuff you always have outside?" Ha! That was a good conversation starter!
On my first try last year, I used olive oil and it definitely had a distinct smell to it. This year, I made two batches. One with sunflower oil and the other with sweet almond oil. There is almost no smell to either. 

As I mentioned, I did this last year. I used the infused oil to made dandelion salve (The Nerdy Farm Wife recipe HERE) and it is a favorite with my family and me. I love the feel of it, it's silky and it really does work!

I love the convenience of lotion or salve bars. They travel well and they fit right into your hand. Also, I think my husband is more likely to use them. 

DIY Dandelion Salve Bars
1/2 cup beeswax pastilles
1/2 cup shea butter
1/2 cup infused dandelion oil 

Yes, it's all equal parts, so you can make it to fit however much you want to make. 

Melt these three ingredients using a double broiler type method. I use a glass measuring cup with spout in a pan of two inches of just below simmering water. Stir occasionally. When all ingredients are melted, remove from heat and pour into your molds.

I am in love with silicone molds for these types of projects. Peggy at Caring Oils found this sunflower mold and sent me the link (my family LOVES sunflowers!) and I knew it would be perfect for this. 

That's it! Easy peasy and wonderful! I can't wait to use them. 

Never used a lotion bar? Rub it on your skin like you would soap. Just don't rinse off. 

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