Monday, June 16, 2014

10 Uses for Coconut Oil

The other day I was reading some posts on Facebook and kept seeing coconut oil mentioned. People were talking about their favorite ways to use it and others were amazed at the easy ways to use it. 
I thought, what a perfect idea for a blog post! So here are five of my favorite ways to use coconut oil and, as a bonus, I asked Krysta (my behind the scenes gal) her five favorite uses.

Lea's 5 favorite uses for coconut oil:
  1. Coconut Lime Body Scrub - I have this in my shower almost all the time. I love to use it to get all the dead skin off. Read the directions on how to make this at the bottom of THIS post.
  2. For shaving - have you ever tried it? I read about it when I was researching the body scrub. It is now the only thing I use to shave with, besides my razor. It leaves my skin so soft and helps to decrease irritation. 
  3. Lip balm - I love lip balm, it's one of my essentials in life. This is my go-to recipe HERE, I always have some on hand. 
  4. Salve - The Salve That Solves It All HERE is another thing I always have on hand, you can make up just one jar or several jars, depending on your needs. This makes a wonder gift for anyone on your list. 
  5. Lotion Bars - this is one of my favorite products to make. You can use it for lip balm, salve, and *light bulb moment* could use it to apply before shaving. It makes it easier to use in warm climates, a friend brought some on our trip to Hawaii. Get my recipe HERE.
Krysta's Favorite 5 Uses of Coconut Oil & Milk:
  1. Anti-Dimple Oil Blend: This is one of my favorite blends to use right after I get out of the shower. I pre-make a blend in a dropper bottle for easy use. It smells lovely and as a double bonus, acts as a moisturizer while providing great circulatory benefits. You can find the recipe I used HERE.
  2. Homemade Sweet Potato Fries: I could eat sweet potato fries! They are so delicious and simple to make. For a quick and healthy addition to your dinner, try the following recipe by Nom Nom Paleo HERE.
  3. Turmeric Tea: I love making this tea in the winter months.  It’s thick, creamy and delightful. In a sauce pan over the stove, add 1 cup of full fat canned coconut milk. Slowly warm while you whisk in the following: 1/2tsp turmeric, 1/2tsp cinnamon, 1/8tsp of nutmeg, and add raw honey to taste. Pour into your most favorite mug and enjoy!
  4. The Big Yummy: If you love smoothies, you’ll love this one. It is a delicious mix that will fill you up and keep you running. Keep in mind that the measurements to each ingredient can vary upon personal taste. Here’s how I make mine . . . In a Vitamix (or blender) add the following: 2-3 bananas, almond butter (1/4 cup or more), 1 avocado, 7-8 dates, and coconut milk. For an extra dose of deliciousness, I like to add 2 scoops of SFH chocolate protein powder. This recipe will typically fill 2-3 mason jars. So you can drink one now & save some for later!
  5. Oil Pulling: It may sound strange, but the results are fantastic. Oil pulling is one of the simplest things you can do with coconut oil. Take a spoonful (appx. 1tbs) of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Then spit out into a garbage can. It is very important to not spit into the sink, drain or toilet as coconut oil (over time) can end up causing problems with your drain. Your teeth will feel fantastic afterward. For me, it’s like I've taken a trip to the dentist. Sparkly clean! For an added benefit, add a drop or two of OnGuard essential oil blend to your morning ritual. To read more about oil pulling visit the following websites: Wellness Mama and DesignMom.
What are you favorite uses for coconut oil (or coconut milk)?

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