Monday, July 7, 2014

Tips for Easy DIY Clean Up

When I first started making my own salves and lip balms, I used multiple dishes and would make quite the mess (still do). This left the clean-up...a bit scary. I would leave dishes piled up for days because I wasn't sure how to tackle them in a way that made clean-up easy. I know I am not alone in this, I've seen countless tweets and comments from people who leave their DIY dishes dirty simply because they don't want to deal with them.

Because it's a problem for many, here are some of my tips for an easy clean-up. I would love to see some experienced DIY-ers post their tips in the comments as well.

* When using a glass jar for mixing purposes and after you pour the last of your potion out, inevitably there is always something left in the jar. When it is time for clean-up, I heat the glass jar to melt the remnants of the potion back to a liquid state (you can do this in your makeshift double boiler or in the microwave). Then, I take paper towels and wipe out the liquid. Be careful, the glass will be HOT! This gets the majority of it out. Then with a de-greasing soap you can get the remaining residue out. 

Always remember DO NOT POUR anything down the drain. Pour it into your grease jar or into something in the garbage.  You don't want anything gunking up your plumbing - and neither does your landlord. 

* For the same reason you don't pour things down the drain, I don't use reusable rags for clean up. I don't want that gunk getting into my washer and causing issues there. I am not a fan of paper towels but this is one time I find them very useful. 

* Counter top messes happen. Even though I use a glass jar with a spout most of the time, something still gets spilled or dripped. Again, paper towels are the best way to get rid of this mess. Allow your spill to dry, and then wipe it up with a paper towel. Most of it will come off pretty easily. The rest, use some elbow grease and rub it off. If you think ahead, put some newspaper under your work are. Cleaning up spills will be even easier.

What are your tips for easy clean up? 

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