Monday, June 10, 2013

Wedding Day Kit

June has arrived and with it comes wedding season! I'm such a romantic, I just love weddings. All my favorite movies involve weddings: 27 Dresses, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friends Wedding, Mystic Pizza, The Proposal..okay you get the idea. 

According to The KnotJune is the most popular month for weddings. I can see why, the weather is getting nice, there are so many flowers in bloom and gardens are sprouting making fresh food readily available. It is, in many areas, the perfect month. 

Whether you're heading to a wedding, helping to plan a wedding, in a wedding or it's your wedding - YAY!! - we all need to be prepared for those Wedding Day Emergencies. Krysta (behind the scenes ADoT gal) found the inspiration of this idea from 'A Casarella {click here}. She got married last year and I got married in 2005, so we know the little emergencies that can come up. We put our own spin on this great idea and I hope you find it helpful or it gives you inspiration to create your own. 

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

What you'll need:
  • Digestive essential oil (EO) blend
  • Peppermint EO
  • Balancing & calming blend 
  • Lavender spritz - great perfume, bug repellant and relaxer 
  • Sewing kit - thread, scissors, safety pins
  • Double stick tape
  • Hair spray
  • Kleenex
  • Lip balm (make your own - click here)
  • Band-aids
  • Bobby pins 
  • Hair-band/ponytail holder
  • Nail kit - clippers and a file, clear polish
  • Ribbon

This would be super cute in a mason jar. But, I also thought that was slightly impractical unless you're the bride or in the bridal party - where would you put it? So I also made one up into a cute little bag, bonus you could put your camera and wallet into this and be set for the whole event.

Tell me, did you have any wedding day emergencies - at your own wedding or someone else's? 
P.S. The top two pictures are KB & me at our wedding and the next picture is of Krysta & Jim at their's.