Monday, July 14, 2014

Fighting Summer Colds

Let's face it, getting sick during the summer is such a drag. Would you believe that we've already been hit multiple times with summer colds. It's the pits! Have you been struck with a summer bug? It feels like colds in the summer are worse than colds in the winter, maybe because we just don't expect them. 

Here are a few things I've discovered to help me fight these dreadful germs: 

Immunity Boosting Inhaler
This is from "Essential Living from Aromahead
5 drops each: 
    tea tree
    eucalyptus radiata
Directions: breathe deeply multiple times per day. 
Need inhalers? I bought mine HERE. Never heard of using an inhaler? Check out my post about them HERE

Steam Bowl
Essential Oil Blogging just posted this great post about using steam and essential oils to help with sinus congestion and coughs. It even has awesome recipes. Find it HERE

I picked up a bottle of Hyssop essential oil last year and was reading on Nature's Gift how great it is for chest congestion, its an expectorant (just like that cough syrup at the store). Find out more HERE

What are your go-to's for a summer cold? Do you do anything different when it's hot out than in the depths of winter?

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