Monday, March 30, 2015

My {Essential Oil} Travel Essentials

A few weeks ago, I posted about an essential oil travel kit that is fun to make for someone who travels a lot. After posting about the kit, I was thinking about the various things that I take with me when I travel. Over the years, I've definitely gotten some great tips, tricks and ideas from other people. With spring on the horizon and summer not far away, the travel bug seems to be in the air. So to prepare, I wanted to share these ideas with you, with the hope that they will help you pack on your next travel adventure.

What I Take When I Travel:
  • Small diffuser - I have a specific diffuser (this one) that I have in a bag ready to go, it's a good size and fits easily into my luggage.
  • Essential oil travel bag - this includes 5ml bottles of essential oils, small bottles of carrier oil to properly dilute whichever essential oil I need; it's already put together and in the bag with my diffuser.
  • Immunity blend inhaler - you can find that recipe HERE
  • Lotion bars - you can find recipes HERE and HERE, these are great for travel, no liquid and easy to store
  • Extra lip balm (of course!) - find my recipe HERE
  • Lavender + vodka linen spray - to help me sleep and hopefully keep the bed bugs away (recipe HERE)
  • Protective blend spray - for hotel room bathrooms, yuck! (Confession: I hate hotels, am totally grossed out by them and sleep in a sleep sack, much to my husband's amusement.)

Not everything needs to be essential oil related. Here's Krysta talking about things she likes to keep in stock and use regularly, taking them with her when she travels:
1) Tom's Lavender Deodorant: I personally haven't used haven't used the "regular kind" of deodorant in a year and a half. I love this stuff.
2) Kiss My Face Cool Mint Moisture Shave: A bottle of this shaving cream will last you a long time. I just purchased my second bottle and the first one I had lasted over 5 months. It doesn't foam up like regular shaving cream but lathers nicely and creates smooth/soft legs. This stuff rocks! I'm never going back to regular shaving cream.
3) Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream: This one is kinda spendy, but a little goes a long ways and it is super light weight and doesn't add extra oil to my face. I use it in rotation with my Clinique moisturizer.
4) TN Dickensen's Witch Hazel: I used to spike this with clary sage and loved it. Lately, I've been using it plain but have thought about adding lavender.
5) Lush Bath Bombs (for the extra special splurge) ... for a vacation with an awesome bath tub or just to treat yourself to an at home vacation evening. I LOVE these. Love them. Sigh.

What are your favorite things to take when you travel? 

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