Monday, December 9, 2013

DIY Gift Basket

Are you still looking for gift giving ideas? Do you want to have something on hand for those "just in case moments"? I have a great idea! Let's make a few gift baskets with all the great DIY recipes we've talked about this year!

First, let's start out with our "basket." My friend, Victoria, picked up these cute containers for 25c each at our local thrift store. 

 If you can't find a cute tin...any basket will do! Last year, I used these cute baskets from The Dollar Store

Now, what do we fill out gift baskets with? Here are some ideas (click on the item to view the recipe).

  • Lip Balm (of course!) - I recently made a batch with palmarosa essential oil and one with roman chamomile. If you want a holiday theme, try peppermint essential oil.
  • Bath Salts - What could be easier than Epsom salt and essential oils? 
  • Body Scrub - This is another one of my favorite things, I always have a batch made up. 
  • Vodka + Lavender Linen Spray - This is one of my favorite things, I always have a batch to spritz my sheets and use as a room freshener. You can substitute any essential oil you like. 
  • Muscle Salve (that really works!) - This is a great addition to any basket, everyone gets sore muscles!
  • The Salve that Solves it All - So many options with this salve, in my opinion it's a must to include in your gift basket!
  • Foaming Hand Soap & Hand Sanitizer - Great for every household, you can customize it by choosing different essential oils with germ fighting powers. 
  • Face Toner - This is one of my favorite products, I use it often - when I remember.
  • Face Wash - Nothing says friend like a clean face!
  • Face Mist - So refreshing and a great way to use your empty bottles.
  • All Purpose Healing Balm - This is great to have for bumps, bruises and scratches; using a lip balm tube makes it great for on the go use.
  • A Nasal Inhaler - You could include one for immune boosting and stress relief. 
  • Lotion Bars - A great way to have lotion on the go or for traveling.
  • An Aromatherapy Pendant - Why not include one of these with a small dram of essential oil. 
I realize that this is a very long list, but that's the beauty of making gift baskets. Having several options and picking three or four things to go in your basket! Keeping a small supply of several of the above products, you will be set for that last minute gift!

Bonus idea: Invite friends and/or family over to make a few different things and split the fruits of your labor so you can all give baskets of homemade goodies. 

Happy Gift Giving! 
What's in your gift basket?

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